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What Is It?

It is a self-contained photo capture and print station.

How Does It Work?


   1.   The user will touch the screen

         in order to start the capture


A Live view of what the camera sees will be displayed on screen so the guests can adjust poses to fit within what the camera can capture.


A initial 8 second countdown will begin before the first image capture.


   2.   A total of 4 photos will be taken, with a 8 second countdown     

         between each shot.


The 8 second delay will give time for users to select another prop or change to a different pose before the next image is captured.





Posing for the

next shot

Guests can see themselves and change poses thanks to the "LIVE VIEW" mode

Touch screen

to start

8 second countdown

Camera captures

the image

Countdown timer starts, ready to capture the 2nd image

Fitting everyone on screen

End Of Session

NEW: Video of the photobooth in action





Photo strips will then be printed out

   3.   The captured photos are then processed and sent to the onsite printer



The computer will then take the

4 captured images and process them onto a template, also applying a customised logo.

It will then send the file to the printer

The printer is a dye sublimation printer, and takes approximately 15 secs to

print out a 6X4 inch size print,

 then be cut into 6X2 inch strips automatically

These 2 duplicate strips are then ready to be given to the guests, or stuck into a keepsake book.

Reprinting of strips can be done also

   4.   Option to email images


Depending on internet connection at the location, emailing images is also an option.
The layout of this emailed image is different to that of the print outs.


The IPAD stand to email

out the 4in1 booth pictures

A general 4 in 1 type layout with customised text overlay

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